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The true reality of business owners


I don’t know if this shocks you, but business owners are most overworked.

Many attempts to escape the trap and routine of a 9 – 5 life for FREEDOM just to find themselves working 60 + HOURS A WEEK.

Eventually, it hits you. You are officially a sole proprietor. Everything your business needs falls on you. 

You bear the weight of its success and its losses. 

You cannot show up?—it all comes falling down. 

Or, at best, let’s assume you are a disciplined person managing to keep things afloat.

Keyword — MANAGING. 

  • You are on top of all projects and see them through 
  • You successfully manage your sales and conversions 
  • Your operations are intact, and you have a working system
  • You manage to keep to a consistent social media schedule
  • You have a marketing campaign you consistently commit to

If this is you—Great! 

But we can’t turn a blind eye to what exactly it takes to be this type of person when running a business. 

It takes wearing all the hats. Being a MULTIFACETED SPECIALIST. 

Problem #1Being a multifaceted specialist 

Let’s face it — “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often better than a master of one” is a cute saying when you have all the time in the world to do everything you want to do. 

To be a jack of all trades is a luxury that requires time. And business owners just don’t have that time. 

Perhaps with time; as your business grows to afford payroll for people to help you grow your business, then you can be a jack of all trades.

But for a business owner, being a jack of all trades takes…

Working 60 + hours a week

Neglecting some parts of the business for the others

Spending hours figuring out unprecedented problems with limited experience 

The list can go on and on and on… 

The point remains the same; the more your business needs you, the more you have to stretch yourself.

This means your business’s growth, which is very necessary, comes at a taxing personal sacrifice.

And while a business running on exhausted resources and energy may be self-sufficient and perpetually growing…

…is it reaching its full potential?

Probably not. 

Problem #2 Missed growth opportunities 

Purpose aside, I assume the end goal for your business is to grow it to reach its full potential. 

Which begs the question; can you help your business reach its full potential if you exhaust your energy on being a multifaceted specialist?

Here’s the thing… Your business, even in its infancy, has multiple needs. 

Imagine your business is an octopus with 8 tentacles. 

Imagine the octopus loses one of its tentacles. It will definitely still be able to swim, but not as fast as it swims will 8 full-grown tentacles. 

The lost tentacle will also take about 3 months to grow back fully.

In this 3 months period, the octopus will… 

  • Be walking, crawling and swimming slower than usual
  • Have a hard time creating a shelter using clam shells and coconuts
  • Lose its ability to camouflage by assuming patterns and colours of its immediate surroundings 

All the while, the octopus will still be functioning… But definitely not reaching its full potential.

The same applies to your business when you cannot account for all its tentacles, i.e. 

  • Social Media
  • Content Writing
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing and Sales 
  • Operations and admin
  • Finances and tax

Your business just simply survives…

It exists, accounts for some responsibilities, and reaches goals but on a smaller scale than it has the potential to.

You are forced to neglect opportunities you can capitalise on to maximise growth.

Your business is guaranteed to reach its maximum potential when you account for every tentacle that adds to its growth.

On the other hand, I understand why this may be the case. Being a business owner without help can be straining.

Problem #3 Strained personal capacity & health

Several times I’ve read these paraphrased words. 

“We are not meant to work every day”… And yet some people do.

Business owners know this reality all too well. Being a multifaceted specialist, it’s not unlikely to wake up one day and think.. 

“OMG! I am overwhelmed, strained, and my personal life is taking a backseat. I work every day, and my health will not thank me for this”.

Because it won’t. 

The first years of your business are very important. They can either be a game changer or lead up to nothing. It all depends on how you approach your business.

Typically, we measure businesses’ survival rate over a span of 10 years.

Within 2 years, 20% of all new businesses are expected to fail. At least around 60% are expected to die in their 5 years mark. And at least 25% make it to the 10 years mark.

Now the question stands; should propelling your business to succeed come at the cost of strained personal capacity and health?

Definitely not. 

But also.. It shouldn’t be a case of choosing to either build a sustained business, or to not be overwhelmed. 

It’s a case of balancing the two by delegating your capacity without spending money business owners can’t afford to lose.


The Yellow Mastermind

Grow your business. Be part of a meaningful group of like-minded, non-competing experts and build working relationships that boost everyone’s potential.


The Yellow Mastermind.. first of its kind, exists for the needs of businesses and their owners. This is a place where you not only grow your business but also develop your personal livelihood and capacity. 

Rooted in 6 elements, The Yellow Mastermind nurtures businesses and their owners.

Here’s how it works…

We love the idea of nurturing businesses, but we don’t like the idea of lifting dead weight. That’s why we are intentional with our Masterminds teams.



The team. 

The Yellow Mastermind teams comprise 6 like-minded, non-competing business owners. With careful thought, we place you in a mastermind team you stand to contribute and benefit the most from.

Your business goals.

You will take a careful look at your business — the capacity it demands, the departments it lacks in and the goals you need to achieve to propel its growth. Your teammates will help you where you fall short.



Showing up.

We call it the growth chair. You have to experience it to know it. This is where you bare it all. Not only do you declare your goals, but you commit to them, and your teammates will help you be accountable. 

There’s more to it…

This is everything you stand to get…

For yourself



We don’t want you to just focus… We want you to focus on both your wellbeing and your business growth. 

This dilemma is not foreign to business owners. Here you are starting a new demanding journey you feel it’s imperative you succeed in… so much so you neglect your personal life. 

Well, in the long run, it is imperative you focus on both your personal capacity and business success. One cannot take a stand back for the other.

You don’t have to make a choice on what suffers and what strives. Your life as a business owner does not have to be a one person show limited to just a pair of hands. 

You can have extra hands redirecting your focus every time you lose sight of it. 



I emphasise once more; two hands are better than one. Productivity multiples where there’s help. 

We are not interested in painting productivity as a simple do and succeed phenomena. 

We recognise that effort and consistently showing up can lead to exhaustion. Your teammates, being fellow business owners themselves, know your reality all too well. 

This is why they are committed to working with you on your business. You will achieve more collectively than you will on your own. 

You will do all this without depleting your energy bank to a never ending need to be a ‘productive’ superhuman.



Where there’s multiple pairs of eyes, there are multiple perspectives and an abundant flow of ideas.

Having teammates to spot missed opportunities and existing solutions where you see none will help you solve your impossible problems. 

You will always have abundant strategies at your disposal simply because you have a team to turn to when things stop making sense. 

You will have moments of revelation as you openly discuss what could be causing the problems your business has to begin with.  

You will look at your problems from more than one angle before you settle on a solution. 

You won’t go with the first obvious solution, but the best solution as per perspectives of multiple business owners committed to helping each other. 



The saying goes, “People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves.”… We can say the same for your success.

You can only take your business where you are willing to take yourself. 

Any self-elevation you experience transfers over to your surroundings and even ambitions.

This is why The Yellow Mastermind emphasises the need for personal growth. We know that where you are stuck mentally is as far as your business can grow. 

We help you start with yourself. 

You will be encouraged to confront any personal traits and blocks that work against your business and overall growth.



A friend once told me that whenever I struggle to love myself, I should speak to myself as if I were my own friend… and honestly, this makes so much sense. 

People love their friends. They treat them with kindness and care enough to want to be trusted by them.

This is why you hold yourself accountable and keep promises you make to your friends. You show up however you perceive a friend is expected to. 

Imagine if you treated yourself how you treat your friends. Imagine if you kept all the promises you made to yourself.

This includes ticking through the to-do list you outline for your business.

Your teammates, who are very much your business friends, will treat you how a friend treats a friend. 

These are the people who will hold you accountable. They will support you and create a space for you to try again and again until you tick through all your commitments. 

Beyond your friends, you will have a dashboard for you to keep track of your to-do list.



One of the main reasons we are intentional with the group we pair you with is because we want you to benefit from your teammates. 

The combination of like-minded business owners with diverse skill sets creates room for endless collaborations.

Have you been thinking about starting a project and looking to collaborate with another business oriented individual to fill in where you can’t?

You have teammates to pick from. 

With an open mind, you’ll develop collaborative projects, new ventures, services, products and income streams. 


This is how we do it… 



We believe in strategy. 

We believe in setting smart goals… and achieving them.

We won’t allow you to free fall through your business ventures. You will push through the barriers and look into the challenges your business faces. 

Each month for 4 hours, you will meet with your teammates and they will help you devise a business strategy. 

You will sit on the growth chair for 20 minutes, coming to terms with what has been working, what needs to change, and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Each month, you will leave your mastermind session with a clear, actionable plan, which your teammates will also help you be accountable for. 


What they don’t tell you is that packaging your passion into a business model does not make you a well-rounded business person. 

While you identified service / product may be valuable, your business skills may fail it. 

This is why we bring in different external experts into the mix.

These are the people who will train you to master all the business departments you have to account for.

Think Sales, Marketing, Infrastructure to scale, Financial growth, Building effective teams. These things require unique skills set and unique approaches.


Your teammates, who are equally capable and limited like you, also have areas they specialise in and areas they much rather delegate. 

This is where the power of skills exchange comes in. 

Dedicating 2 hours to each other’s businesses, you can pair up with any teammate and do work on each other’s businesses. 

Whether your super power is social media, finances, project management, etc. We want you to focus on maximising your superpower. 

You will have the luxury of delegating work you find boring or hard for you to your teammates vice versa. 


First and foremost, Go To Yellow is a personal development and coaching space. 

We know that your business will only grow when you are also growing.

We ask the right questions..

Do you have personal problems you’re reluctant to share in a business setting?

Do you have recurring personal problems that are making it hard for you to show up for your business?

You will have monthly 30 minutes one-on-one calls with your Mastermind Business Leader. Your Business Leader will coach you to deal with whatever personal struggles you’re dealing with. 

This is an opportunity to remove mindset blocks, implement solutions to persisting barriers and track both your business and personal goals.


We happen to be those people who believe it takes an average of 28 days to form a new habit. 

So, we don’t expect you to magically change your limiting mindset. We will support you all the way through.  You will have access to tools that help you keep track of your growing business. 

You’ll have real life business examples to reference and develop your ideas and plans from.

You’ll have integrated systems that make things easy for you. Dashboards, set reminders, compiled notes on everything you express through your journey.

We care not only about your business, but your success and longevity as an entrepreneur, whatever the business venture. 


Claim your Free trial, risk free.


Here’s my deal to you right now. 

The most I am going to ask of you is 4 hours + 90 minutes 

I will bring you together with a community of 4 business owners over Zoom. 

You will follow a guided process of opening up your mind and expanding your thinking where your business is concerned. 

I will share with you a workbook designed to help you plan out your business’s growth ahead of the session beginning—print it out or access the online version.

You will commit yourself to a no more than 4 hours long session. 


We re-group one month later as an accountability session (the date chosen on the group’s availability). We care for your growth and commitment to yourself.

This session will last only 90 minutes.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your business? Join our mastermind trial today and see the difference it can make.

Tammy Whalen Blake

Tammy Whalen Blake

Founder of The Yellow Mastermind.

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