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A subscription membership for business owners to build a reciprocal working relationship that boosts everyones potential.

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The first thing to know is how a mastermind session works

Masterminds follow a similar format because, quite simply, it works! 

Step 1: The Growth Chair – Your Spotlight Moment

As the business owner, you take the coveted seat in The Growth Chair. This is your time to shine. Present your business challenge, goal, idea, or perspective to the group. The spotlight is on you, and all focus shifts towards unravelling the potential within your business.

Step 2: Question Time – Igniting Curiosity

Curiosity is the key to unlocking innovative solutions. During Question Time, every member becomes a seeker of knowledge. Without making assumptions, the group engages in a focused questioning session. This powerful exercise addresses the immediate challenge and serves as invaluable leadership training, teaching you to ask insightful questions and lead effectively.

Step 3: If This Was My Business – A Torrent of Suggestions

Prepare to be amazed as the group’s collective genius comes to life. In the “If This Was My Business…” phase, your Business Leader and fellow members share their proven and tested strategies that work in their businesses. Just ONE of these strategies could completely transform your results! It’s a brainstorming session like no other, offering diverse ideas to grow.

Step 4: Set Your Course – Define Three Achievable Activities

Armed with insights and suggestions, it’s time for action. In this pivotal step, you, as the business owner in The Growth Chair, set three activities to achieve before the next mastermind session. These activities are your roadmap for progress, crafted with the collective wisdom of the mastermind.

This alone is worth becoming a member. Except, we take it to a whole new level - to Yellow!

In-Person and Online Teams

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In-Person Team Mastermind Experience

  • Immerse yourself in a full-day office space experience accompanied by a half-day mastermind session with your carefully curated team of 4. Benefit from face-to-face interactions, brainstorming, and collaborative problem-solving. Ideal for those who thrive in a physical workspace.

Online Team Mastermind Experience

  • For the digital-savvy entrepreneur, our online option offers the same powerful half-day mastermind experience from the comfort of your chosen location. Connect virtually with your team, ensuring flexibility and convenience in today’s fast-paced business world.

Private Coaching

  • Meet your Business Leader over Zoom for an accountability call and support to stay on track before the team meets again.

Diary Detox App & Weekly Drop-in Sessions

  • Get lifetime access to the Diary Detox app to benefit from our secret sauce for micro-business success. Then, join our weekly drop-in sessions on Friday or Monday mornings to manage your business targets, optimise your role ratio, and identify ways to reduce wasted time. The goal? Reclaim a day in your diary each week.

2-Hour Skill Exchange

*Not available for established businesses of 5 or more employees

  • Track your monthly 2-hour skill exchange through our project management software to ensure consistency and deliverables are met. Business Leaders monitor and assist in case of delivery delays. They will assist with personal development needs, such as effective communication where necessary.

In-Person Group

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Location: Bristol

Niche: Creatives

Location: Bristol

Niche: Virtual Assistants

Location: Bournemouth

Niche: Virtual Assistants

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Tailored for niche communities, our quarterly in-person meetings promise a day filled with reflecting on progress, strategy development, business training, and impactful mastermind sessions.

Key Features:

  • Niche Focus: Connect with like-minded individuals in groups of up to 20 members, each centred around a specific niche, fostering deep understanding and shared challenges.
  • Quarterly In-Person Meetings: Immerse yourself in a full-day business office experience. Engage in networking, skill-building, and strategy sessions to propel your business forward.
  • Morning Training & Guidance: Kickstart your day with targeted training sessions, providing insights and strategies relevant to your niche. Receive expert guidance to enhance your business acumen.
  • Afternoon Mastermind Session: Experience the magic of group collaboration. Two members present their business challenges, sparking a collective mastermind session. Benefit from diverse perspectives and insights to overcome hurdles.
  • Lunch and Networking: Enjoy a delicious lunch and connect with fellow members over coffee. Network, share experiences, and build lasting relationships within your niche community.

Inclusive Package:

  • Full Day Office Experience: Access a professional business office for the entire day.
  • Morning Training: Niche-specific training sessions and expert guidance.
  • Afternoon Mastermind Session: Two members present challenges, and the group masterminds.
  • Lunch and Refreshments: Enjoy a catered lunch and coffee/tea breaks.

Ready to amplify your business within a niche community? Join The Yellow Mastermind Group Sessions!

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The Vetting Process

You are in control! Both in-person and online options go through a meticulous vetting process. We discuss your business goals, skill gaps, and what unique skills you bring to the table. Members decide on their team through video interviews and surveys, ensuring a cohesive and effective collaboration.

Initiating the Mastermind Journey

Once your ideal team is formed, an email is sent to confirm your willingness to proceed. Pay a one-time £100 setup fee along with your monthly membership, and gain access to our exclusive Diary Detox course for self-guided business optimisation.

Monthly Team Mastermind Meetings

Your newly formed team meets monthly on a date agreed upon by all members, whether in person or online. The date will be determined during the onboarding session.

Members are encouraged to host one webinar per quarter, promoted by The Yellow Mastermind. Access attendee lists for follow-ups and support, enhancing your network and business growth.

If any of the following describe you, then The Yellow Mastermind is a great fit:

  • People who are actively running micro-businesses.
  • People who have been in business for over a few years.
  • People who want accountability to hit their goals and the support to get them there.
  • People who believe their business can grow and are willing to make that happen without excuses.
  • People who want to reclaim a day a week in their diary.
  • People who want to avoid the “learning curves” and avoid mistakes as they grow.

Please check our group mastermind page for the latest dates for each niche group.


  • Community Synergy: Tap into the collective wisdom of your niche. Learn from others, share your expertise, and grow together.
  • Strategic Planning: Receive personalised guidance during strategy planning sessions. Tailor strategies to your niche, ensuring practical and effective solutions.
  • Mastermind Brilliance: Unleash the power of group mastermind sessions. Gain valuable insights, fresh perspectives, and actionable solutions to overcome your business challenges.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your network within your niche. Collaborate on potential projects, find business partners, and build a supportive community.


Certainly, we offer an upgrade for those wanting to reclaim a day a week in their diaries. You’ll pay £100 for enrolling in the online course and lifetime app access, plus £65 per month.

If the demand is there, of course, we can! Get in touch with our founder to express your interest at tammy@theyellowmastermind.co.uk

We ensure each venue is easily accessible by train, bus, walking or driving. Check the group page to learn more.  

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