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A subscription membership for business owners to build a reciprocal working relationship that boosts everyones potential.

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How does The Yellow Mastermind Work

Attend your scheduled monthly mastermind session with the same teammates. Hosted online on Zoom for 4 hours per month.

You will sit on the growth chair for 20 minutes, coming to terms with what has been working, what needs to change, and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Each month, you will leave your mastermind session with a clear, actionable plan, which your teammates will also help you be accountable for. 

Imagine if you treated yourself how you treat your friends. Imagine if you kept all the promises you made to yourself.

This includes ticking through the to-do list you outline for your business.

Your teammates, who are very much your business friends, will treat you how a friend treats a friend. 

These are the people who will hold you accountable. They will support you and create a space for you to try again and again until you tick through all your commitments. 

Beyond your friends, you will have a 15 minute check-in 2 weeks after each mastermind session. 

What they don’t tell you is that packaging your passion into a business model does not make you a well-rounded business person. 

While you identified service / product may be valuable, your business skills may fail it. 

This is why we bring in different external experts into the mix.

These are the people who will train you to master all the business departments you have to account for.

Think Sales, Marketing, Infrastructure to Scale, Financial Health, Building Effective Teams. These things require unique skills set and unique approaches.

Join the Team model and..

Your teammates, who are equally capable and limited like you, also have areas they specialise in and areas they much rather delegate. 

This is where the power of skills exchange comes in. 

Dedicating 2 hours to each other's businesses, you can pair up with any teammate and do work on each other's businesses. 

Whether your super power is social media, finances, project management, etc. We want you to focus on maximising your superpower. 

You will have the luxury of delegating work you find boring or hard for you to your teammates vice versa. 

First and foremost, Go To Yellow is a personal development and coaching space. 

We know that your business will only grow when you are also growing.

We ask the right questions..

Do you have personal problems you’re reluctant to share in a business setting?

Do you have recurring personal problems that are making it hard for you to show up for your business?

You will have monthly 30 minutes one-on-one calls with your Mastermind host. Your host will coach you to deal with whatever personal struggles you’re dealing with. 

This is an opportunity to remove mindset blocks, implement solutions to persisting barriers and track both your business and personal goals.

We happen to be those people who believe it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit. 

So, we don’t expect you to magically change your limiting mindset. We will support you all the way through. 

You will have access to tools that help you keep track of your growing business. 

You’ll have real life business examples to reference and develop your ideas and plans from.

You’ll have integrated systems that make things easy for you. Dashboards, set reminders, compiled notes on everything you express through your journey.

We care not only about your business, but your success and longevity as a business owner, whatever the business venture. 

Elevating the micro-economy, one business at a time.


Marvin is fed up with short term, one-off clients.


Donna struggles to stand out of the crowd, losing opportunities to convert.


John has no time for training, serving clients and growing his business.