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Micro-Business Grants

We understand the needs of
micro-businesses and their owners

Get easy and simple access to our membership to unlock your business growth; direction, insights, knowledge and skills without the additional overhead of hiring a team. You have to experience it to understand the impact.

The Yellow Mastermind offers you a £250 grant

Claim yours today to activate your no-obligation membership. No contract. No commitment. Completely risk free and covered by The Yellow Mastermind!

  • Live online business training every month
  • Carefully selected mastermind groups for your goals
  • Private coaching with your Business Leader to ensure you remain accountable!
  • Share and learn the latest business insights with your community each month
  • A catalogue of 10+ how-to guides and business resources to get to growth quicker
  • Become a Business Expert and host your own training events to The Yellow Mastermind community
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What is a micro-business owner?

A Micro-business, often mistaken for a small business, is any business that employs anywhere between 0 and 9 employees. Once the number surpasses 9, it is considered a small business. 

Presenting their own challenges, micro-businesses are often placed in the same category as small businesses when, in reality, both experience unique problems that set them apart. 

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