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Our Vision

A world where micro-businesses are widely recognised, understood, and provided with tailored solutions that empower them to grow at every stage of their journey.

We envision a global business landscape where the term ‘micro-business’ is as commonplace and understood, leading to a more nuanced and effective ecosystem of support services. In this world, micro-businesses receive the specific resources, attention, and recognition they need to overcome their unique challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

The Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness of the unique challenges faced by micro-businesses, advocate for their recognition as distinct from small businesses, and ensure that organisations develop and offer solutions specifically designed for the needs and growth phases of micro-businesses. We aim to educate, support, and empower micro-business owners, enabling them to realise their full potential.

The Founders Journey

Tammy Whalen Blake

Tammy Whalen Blake, Founder of The Yellow Mastermind
Tammy Whalen Blake, Founder of The Yellow Mastermind

During the lockdown, I was struck by the intense concern many businesses expressed regarding survival. As I explored more profoundly, it became apparent that their struggles were rooted in financial constraints and the inadequacies of their systems and personnel to sustain such a dramatic change. This realisation ignited my curiosity and led me to uncover a significant oversight: government support predominantly catered to small businesses, leaving micro-businesses primarily neglected.

Still unsatisfied with this revelation, I explored grant funding as a potential solution to their financial woes. I discovered that this avenue favoured innovative companies, excluding many service-based businesses that had to depend solely on their clients. This brought on a bout of anger in me. I felt that this was unfair!

Further research into the micro-business landscape revealed a glaring gap: most studies and support initiatives lumped micro-businesses with small businesses under the broad category of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). This categorisation was inherently wrong, as the challenges faced by a sole proprietor vastly differ from those of a medium-sized business with up to 250 employees. In the UK alone, there are 4.4 million micro-businesses comprised solely of their founders and another 1.1 million with up to nine employees. Despite representing a substantial segment of the UK business landscape, there is a profound lack of knowledge and support for these businesses.

To complicate matters, micro-businesses are often referred to by various names, such as freelancers, side hustlers, and solopreneurs, which only adds to the confusion and lack of targeted support.

Frustrated by these disparities, I have made it my mission to transform the knowledge and support systems available for micro-businesses. I aim to raise awareness about their unique challenges, advocate for their distinct recognition, and ensure they receive the tailored solutions they need to thrive.

After conducting extensive research into the major challenges faced by small businesses, particularly in terms of resources, I developed The Yellow Mastermind. This comprehensive solution addresses all their needs in one package. I am currently hosting both online and in-person groups across the UK, and my goal is to turn this into a franchise business, as I believe this is the best way to bring about real change and provide support. This is not a solo effort but rather a collaborative approach involving others who share the same passion for helping micro-businesses grow into small enterprises.

Why is it called The Yellow Mastermind?

The Yellow Mastermind symbolises the essence of what we aim to achieve for micro-businesses. Yellow is a colour that represents growth, joy, fulfilment, and optimism. These are the very qualities that every micro-business strives for and deserves to experience.

Growth: Just as yellow evokes the vibrancy of blooming flowers and the energy of the sun, we aim to foster the growth of micro-businesses by providing them with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to flourish.

Joy: Running a micro-business should be a fulfilling and joyful endeavour. By addressing these businesses’ unique challenges, we help create an environment where micro-business owners can find joy and satisfaction in their work.

Fulfilment: Our mission is to enable micro-business owners to achieve their dreams and realise their full potential. Yellow, as a symbol of fulfilment, reflects our commitment to helping these business owners feel accomplished and successful in their ventures.

Optimism: The bright and uplifting nature of yellow embodies the optimism we instil in micro-business owners. We believe that with the right support, any challenge can be overcome, and the future can be bright and promising.

At The Yellow Mastermind, we are dedicated to enabling micro-businesses to thrive without the burdens and obstacles that often hold them back. By embracing the positive symbolism of yellow, we inspire and empower micro-business owners to achieve their goals and enjoy the journey.