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The Yellow Mastermind: a different approach to business coaching

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Grow your business with direction, insights, knowledge and skills

The Yellow Mastermind is a unique, collaborative approach to business coaching and training designed to give you everything you need to grow your business without working 60+ hours, increasing payroll or being overwhelmed.

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Drawing on more than 20 years of UK business experience, we are confident we can help you to increase turnover and reduce the amount of time you spend on less valuable aspects of your business. 
And we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is – we are currently offering a limited-time £250 Business Grant to eligible business owners to cover the cost of a one-month trial of The Yellow Mastermind.

Your one-month trial includes

  • An intensive small group problem-solving and business coaching session with like-minded, non-competitive business owners, chaired by one of our Yellow Mastermind business coaching experts 
  • A follow-up one-on-one session with a Yellow Mastermind business coaching expert to give you clarity and accountability 
  • Specialist business training workshops/seminars on topics such as overcoming procrastination, making the most out of LinkedIn, and nurturing better business leads 
  • Free access to our Diary Detox course – what do you need more time for? 

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made applying for the £250 Yellow Mastermind Business Grant quick and easy. Filling out the online application form should take you no more than 1 minute – and there’s no obligation to join up once your one month is done.

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We do business coaching differently! Not only do we mastermind; we exchange skills.

Be part of a driven, ambitious team of like-minded, non-competing experts working together to grow their businesses. Our business training model has resulted in significant growth in:

Business Transformation
Strategy Execution

The Yellow Mastermind is the first business development concept of its kind. It exists to fulfil the needs of micro businesses and their owners. It’s a place where you not only grow your business but also develop personally and professionally.

Rooted in 6 elements, The Yellow Mastermind provides…


Personal Growth



Problem Solving


Who we work with

Start Up Businesses

High growth start ups: ecommerce, app development, health, data analytics, software, fintech and more.

Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses with 4 or fewer employees which specialise in: copywriting, bookkeeping, web dev, social media, IT, research and more.

Established Businesses

Businesses with 4 - 9 employees that have been in operation for more than five years and now want to expand.

Is your business in its first year? We have something unique for you!

A mastermind works best with knowledge and experience in business. Let us help you gain both.

Our focus lies in comprehensive business planning, mentoring, and targeted training. Through our 90-minute mastermind sessions, members actively address challenges, supported by insightful questions from our seasoned Business Leaders, resulting in actionable solutions and specialised training entirely led by the community.


Popular Questions

How can we help you?

The fundamentals of business are incredibly powerful, but it’s too easy to dismiss them out of fear, lack of time or lack of understanding of all the strategies.

What is a business without clients?

What is a business without systems and processes to serve the clients?

What is a business without money?

Can you see why this is a problem? You must have a diverse team to manage growth. This includes finance, operations and marketing as a minimum. Each with a specialist. 

Knowing this could be the difference between success and failure.

Masterminds are a proven model that leads to success, but the challenge of time, money and know-how can be overwhelming and stop you from taking the massive leaps you need to grow.

Usually, mastermind groups curate an action plan for growth, which is great, but having a team to help execute the actions while you focus on your area of expertise levels up this concept.

This is where the magic truly happens.

By joining The Yellow Mastermind, you’ll grow your business and have time to enjoy life’s pleasures without heavy financial investment.

It is rare to get in-depth one-on-one support from networking groups as they tend to be large and with little wriggle room for sharing challenges in an open and honest environment. They’re also not great for bouncing inspiring ideas around the room and creating an action plan.

You might leave your networking groups with a few new contacts, potential referrals and some inspiration, but no action or accountability.

If you’re overworked and battling the pain of wearing all hats, think about how much time you spend on building your business, doing the bits you dislike and trying to be an expert at everything.

Or worse: you’re avoiding the parts you don’t like.

Running a business alone will get you so far, by having a team, you can share the workload and be inspired to grow.

Business coaching can cost up to £450 an hour, and is therefore out of reach of many micro and small business owners. However, the Yellow Mastermind is priced competitively from £170 per month

The clear answer: can you afford not to?

But let me go deeper.

Your business will only be successful if you work on it.

The problem is, wherever you work, there are distractions, people clamouring for your attention and probably hundreds of reminders of unfinished tasks that need completing.

Working this way is a recipe for disaster, and the market is littered with those.

You must spend focused time, away from distractions, with likeminded people who want to support you, to help you create your dream business.

This is not like any network. We hand-pick your team so you know you can delegate with confidence, ease and trust.

As for the money? You’re not going to believe how affordable this is for you.

You can keep doing what you’re doing and hope you survive, or you can surround yourself with high-achievers who have a mindset that defies the odds and pushes boundaries.

If you struggle with the tired methods of trial and error and lack a 360 view of business, you’ll never find the right tools and techniques to implement advanced strategies and tactics. You’ll join the majority of entrepreneurs and business owners who get stuck in a rut, lost and fall into a pit of despair. You’ll give up on your dream and head back to daily slog of office work in a career you dread.

Or you can be a leader.

Leaders boldly step-up by learning new strategies. They learn from others and find lessons in the challenges life throws at them.

  • Who do you spend the most time with?
  • What mannerism are you mimicking from your group average?
  • Is your current method going to deliver the results?
  • What is the impact of inaction on your personal development?
  • What impact does this have on your business?
  • How does this affect your way of living?

Speak with our friendly UK team. Schedule a no obligation call here https://1.gotoyellow.co.uk/mastermind-consultation

Elevating the micro-economy, one business at a time.


Marvin is fed up with short term, one-off clients.


Donna struggles to stand out of the crowd, losing opportunities to convert.


John has no time for training, serving clients and growing his business.