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A new business owner navigates the thrilling yet challenging early stages of entrepreneurship.

We understand the complexities and uncertainties you face in shaping your dream business. That’s precisely why we’ve tailored The Yellow Mastermind success model to empower and guide micro-business owners like you during the crucial first year.

Choose The Business To-Do’s Community

You can learn years’ worth of business lessons in a fraction of the time. Instead of spending valuable resources on trial and error, join our community where experienced Business Leaders and fellow micro-business owners across diverse industries collaborate to fast-track your business growth.

By doing this, you are setting yourself up for success, as many mature businesses neglect Green Activities in their diary and fall short of growth. We will teach you the importance of what must be in your diary for transformation. 

Our focus lies in comprehensive business planning, mentoring, and targeted training. Through our 90-minute mastermind sessions, members actively address challenges, supported by insightful questions from our seasoned Business Leaders, resulting in actionable solutions and specialised training entirely led by the community.


More Than a Monthly Session

Forge meaningful connections and friendships with like-minded individuals on similar business journeys. Worth thousands of pounds, access more than a monthly 90-minute session with a business leader.

  • LinkedIn Boost training and strategies.
  • How-to guides for business growth.
  • Exclusive access to a WhatsApp support group for ongoing assistance and community interaction.
  • Resource library with templates, case studies, and further guides.

Time for Leading

We emphasise the significance of being the CEO of your business, enabling you to efficiently operate within it. We aim to free up your time, ensuring a balanced approach where business success aligns harmoniously with personal well-being.

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We Make it Affordable

Starting a business demands significant financial investment. At just £38 per month, become a founding member of The Business To-Do’s Community. Benefit from a cost-effective approach that delivers immense value, sparing you from the financial strain of costly mistakes commonly made in the initial stages of entrepreneurship.

Join Us on the Waitlist for Exclusive Benefits

As we prepare to launch in early 2024, secure your spot by signing up for our waitlist. Be part of the founding members and enjoy the first month with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel the value of £38 within the initial month, receive a full refund, no questions asked. Otherwise, become a valued monthly member, unlocking the myriad benefits of The Business To-Do’s Community.

*Note: Limited spots available. Reserve yours now!