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Business Sanity Check Point

Meet like-minded business owners to share insights, avoid common mistakes, learn the latest and get reassurance.

Running a business can be overwhelming. Not only must you keep on top of your clients and the workload, but you’ve also got teammates and partners to collaborate with. On top of endless learning to grow a business and improving your skills.

Not to mention the changes in the business landscape.

Thinking about it makes me want to bury my head in the sand.

Join this monthly networking and learning group to meet start-ups and micro and small business owners around the UK. Hosted by our brilliant business leaders, you’ll be delighted to learn new and current insights into developing a sustainable business.

After networking with the members, you’ll be whizzed off into small breakout rooms for 20 minutes to share your lessons learned, new ideas, the latest news and insights for each monthly topic before returning to the main room to summarise insights to the wider community.

Open discussions can be anything from:

  • Mastering digital adverts.
  • Building robust customer service processes.
  • Getting to grips with cash flow.

You can expect a variety for your business growth!