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Leading Activities for Micro-Business Owners

Time for leading

Leading Activities encompass a spectrum of responsibilities similar to a CEO’s functions, orchestrating strategy, refining planning, goal setting, fostering effective communication, nurturing growth, and embracing change within and outside the organisation.

In a micro-business scenario, cultivating a culture of Leading Activities is paramount. These activities serve as the foundational pillars, steering the business towards success, amplifying productivity, and fortifying its position in the competitive landscape.

Why Are Leading Activities Essential?

Micro-business owners are similar to chief executives, bearing the weight of diverse responsibilities. Engaging in Leading Activities is pivotal as they:

  1. Shape Strategic Vision: Envisioning the trajectory of the business and charting long-term strategies for sustainable growth.
  2. Planning & Goal Setting: Establishing coherent plans and setting achievable goals that align with the business vision.
  3. Effective Communication: Nurturing transparent communication channels, internally and externally, fostering a unified and informed environment.
  4. Personal Development & Training: Prioritising continuous learning, personal growth, and honing skills to adapt to the evolving market trends.
  5. Opportunity Identification: Keenly identifying market opportunities, staying abreast of market shifts, and seizing potential avenues for growth.


Examples of Leading Activities

These are some examples of Leading Activities that a micro-business owner would find in their diary. 


  • 121 Meeting with [Insert Name]
  • Monthly Networking group [Insert Group Name]

Networking serves as the cornerstone for business growth. It involves building and nurturing relationships with peers, industry experts, potential clients, and stakeholders. Effective networking opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and insights into market trends.

Strategy and Planning

  • Market Analysis
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Product/Market Fit Research

Strategic planning delineates the roadmap for the business. It involves defining goals, understanding market dynamics, assessing resources, and devising strategies for sustained growth and market leadership.


  • LinkedIn Posting
  • Seminar on [Insert Topic] 

Effective communication is pivotal for success. It involves conveying the business’s message clearly to stakeholders, clients, and employees, ensuring a cohesive understanding and alignment with the business’s vision.

Personal Development

  • Listening to a Podcast on [Insert Topic]
  • Course about [Insert Topic]
  • Mastermind Session with [Insert Company]

Prioritising personal development through continuous learning, skill enhancement, training programs, and exposure to industry best practices aids in staying competitive and adaptable in a dynamic business landscape.

Embrace the power of Green Activities to unlock the full potential of your micro-business. These strategic manoeuvres are pivotal in steering your business towards unprecedented growth, fostering innovation, and fortifying your position in a competitive market landscape.

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Tammy Whalen Blake

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