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How To Work Less and Still Have a Business

Work less

Micro-business owners often experience burnout as they work more than 60 hours a week. Even when commuting or waiting to pick up their kids, they often need to check social media for updates on their competitors, listen to business podcasts or reply to emails. 

I bet you are reading this and thinking, ‘Yes, that’s me!’

Well, allow me to continue…

The micro-business owner realises they need a break—the easiest solution – a holiday. 

But they never quite leave without being available to some degree. During their initial few holidays, they find some work to do, such as meeting with a regular client or assessing systems and performance. 

By the fourth holiday, the penny drops. They aren’t recovering fully and need…..

To take longer a holiday. Except this isn’t a recipe for overcoming burnout. It completely misses the root causes. It requires more than a temporary relief from the business to be balanced. 

Working for more than 55 hours a week increases the chances of a heart attack by 13%.

Their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health is often neglected consistently. Instead of working more, they need to work less. Let’s pause on the chaos for a second and talk about something super important activities – Time for Living. 

Time for Living Activities are the secret sauce to dodge the notorious burnout that creeps up on us all.

A well-rested business owner can lead an organisation with enthusiasm, while an irritable one can negatively impact the workplace. People can feel the energy you bring to your work. 

It is within the business owners interest to work less. If you do not respect your living time, your business won’t either.

The first step? Set precise working hours and stick to them. Announce your “no-work zones” loud and clear. Your personal time is just as valuable as your business time. Then, before scheduling any work-related activity, prioritise living activities in your diary.


Time for Living Activities

Here are some activities you can engage in to prevent burnout. These activities can be incorporated into your daily routine to promote well-being and increase productivity and enjoyment.

  1. Work is Work, Rest is Sacred: Embrace your hobbies and passions solely for relaxation. Painting, gardening, stargazing – whatever floats your boat without any work-related fuss.

  2. Sweat It Out: Get those endorphins dancing with regular exercise! Whether it’s a jog in the park, a dance session in your living room, or lifting weights in the garage, get that body moving.

  3. Snooze Like It’s Your Job: Brain breaks are a non-negotiable—clock 25 minutes of shut-eye in the middle of your working day. Your brain and body need it to function at their best. (unless you are an insomnia – then don’t do this)

  4. Reclaim Your Breaks: Meetings over? Congrats! It’s brain break time. Give your mind a rest – go for a stroll, gaze out the window, or daydream for a while.

  5. Yoga & Zen Vibes: Strike a pose and find your Zen with yoga or meditation. It’s not just for the ‘zen masters’ – it’s for the ‘business warriors’ too.

  6. Friendship Fuel: Chat with pals! A good old chinwag can work wonders for your mood. Plus, it’s a break from screen time – bonus points for your eyes!

  7. Lunch, Finally! Step away from your desk and indulge in a real lunch break. Trust us, your work will survive the 30-minute absence.

These Time for Living Activities aren’t just fluffy extras; they’re the secret ingredients to a healthier, happier you. A well-rested business owner is like a superhero – energised, inspired, and ready to conquer the world. Remember, when you prioritise your wellbeing, your business thrives too!

So, go on, dive into those Time for Living Activities! Your mental, physical, and business health will thank you for it.


Ready to level up your game without burnout dragging you down? 

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Here’s to a balanced life, successful business, and embracing the joy in every moment! 🌟💼

Tammy Whalen Blake

Tammy Whalen Blake

Founder of The Yellow Mastermind.

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